i was going to answer reviews tonight but this tour stuff distracted me soz

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i'm exhausted now again - walked almost three miles on the track - and now i'm watching cops with mom for a few minutes - when will the weekend comeeeeeee - hopefully i'll be all caught up with review responses by friday - and have a solid game plan for the epilogue - summer life yo -

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Grace Hartzel

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Spirited Away (2001)

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A lot of people seem to be down this week/morning, so here’s a picture of a baby Musk Ox to brighten your day.


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Name: What You Know
Artist: Two Door Cinema Club
Album: Tourist History (Japan Edition)
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Two Door Cinema Club What You Know

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how do i get a dog forcefield like this

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Vincent van Gogh - A Corner of the Garden of St Paul’s Hospital at St. Rémy (1889)

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The Harry Potter epilogue takes place in 2017, which means not only have those kids already seen Pacific Rim, but they have been subjected to Pacific Rim 2.

this is probably what “all was well” was referring to. 

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